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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions ([F]requently [A]sked [Q]uestions)

What happens after I bought a clip? How often or how long will I be able to watch it?

As soon as you have bought a clip. You may watch it as often as you like and for all times! There is no restriction at all, as long as it is for your personal consumption. But even if you have bought a clip you are NOT allowed to give it to another person or upload it someplace.

Do I have to make an account to buy a clip from your site?

No! That's the big PLUS on our site. All our clips can be bought 100% anonymously. Directly after buying them, you can download with an account if you want and keep the clip forever. (But we recommend to create an account, so you always can download your clips in the future for free!)

Can I give a clip to a friend if I bought it?

No! That's not allowed. We trust you on that one and really hope that you don't try to spread the clips that you have bought. Your clips belong to you and only to you. You are not allowed to sell a clip or give to someone for free.

Why do you want money for your clips when there a so many clips available for free on the "Tube"-Sites ?

Contrairy to most clips that you can download from "Tube"-Sites, all clips are full length and maximum resolution. Plus, they are coming directly from the producer. It costs money to produce these clips and all cast gets good money for their efforts. Every single clip on our Site is 100% legal. Which is not always the case with some "Tube" sites.

I don't want to download the clips. I'd like to directly play them in the browser. Is this possible?

Currently this is not possible but we planing to offer this in the near future. To directly playback a clip that you have bought you will definitely need an account with us. But this is not a big problem because our account system is VERY easy and not complicated at all. Just give it a try: Click the "MyClips Login" link on the upper right hand side of the page.

Why can't I buy a subscription?

We do not sell subscriptions on purpose. We think Pay-Per-Clip is an alternative business model that many people prefer. There are many subscription-only sites on the internet but very few sites where you can buy single clips on your own leasure. We receive many feedbacks from happy customers who finally found a decent site where they can buy high quality clips for a small price and are not being bothered by subscriptions!