Terms and conditions

  1. The following Terms and Conditions of Use are the exclusive contractual conditions between OMNet Inc. and the user of this service.
  2. To watch films the computer system and internet connection must meet certain minimum requirements. There is a free test film available to ascertain the minimum requirements are met.
  3. This service is based on single transactions. There are no automatic or recurring charges. It's not a subscription based service.
  4. Bought films or credit cannot be refunded.
  5. The user guarantees to be at least 18 years old.
  6. User data is not passed on to third parties. All data is strictly confidential and as a matter of course is not stored on the web-server.
  7. This service is aimed at adults. All access data inlcuding download links are private and confidential and may not be passed on to any third party, explicitly not to minors.
  8. The films on offer have been licensed by the site operator for private use. Distribution, altering or public performance is prohibited and can be legally prosecuted.
  9. Using the download service the films are after purchasing downloaded and stored by the user to his computer system using an internet connection. There are no restrictions regarding playback duration and time. It can be played for an unlimited number of times. The technical possibility to download a film file is warranted for at least 12 hours after purchase.
  10. Aside from the technical facts of the internet we cannot guarantee one hundred percent availability of this service although we make every effort to keep the service available at any time. Any warranty or liabilty in this connection is - as far as legally permissible - waived. Any refund-claims are therefore excluded.
  11. This contract is subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Zürich, Switzerland.